Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wednesday Christmas Remix

 I know Christmas is just around the corner but I couldn't help my self and buy 2 new coats, which I needed of course haha.

It sucks that  I don’t have a photographer on a daily basis, and it’s really hard to make outfit post, but I promise to have one by this weekend  for you guys J so in return I wanted to do a little Wednesday remix of random things that made my day  today.

There is a little story behind the “Noel” card and LCBO card (3rd photo) , so there is this guy Chris that I have a tiny crush on he is one of our partners for the company I work for and he is super nice and super cute I must say hehe . Normally he comes by twice a month or so and I didn’t even think he knew my name but he did. He was so sweet he gave me a personalized card and a gift card, it was too sweet. I was not expecting that, at all but I defiantly felt like a little school girl. Maybe it’s a sign hahaha

I can’t believe Christmas is already in 4 days. I’m super excited. I also get to see my grandmother which I haven’t seen in a couple months and I miss her dearly.

Are you guys excited for Christmas?

 Coat (on left): Queens Wardrobe / Coat #2 (on right): Forever 21


  1. great post, i really love Christmas, it's amazing!


  2. Those coats are great! I went holiday shopping yesterday and picked up a cozy little sweater for myself too. Couldn't resist!!


  3. I love your decoration and your coats! Lovely!

    And thank you so much for the sweet comment on my blog!


  4. The first photo is lovely, cute glittery reindeer <3

  5. Beautiful!


Thank you for the lovely comments, they truly make my day ♥ :)