Thursday, February 23, 2012

Beat the Native Drum

One day there is snow the next it’s gone as much as I am a winter baby I’m really looking forward to the nicer weather so I can really start wearing more bright colors and pastels. :D I thought this look was very appropriate for just a day to hang out with friends, and why not wear white pants in winter; it’s refreshing especially when you’re wearing black bottoms all the time.

So I had some great news I’ve been dying to share with you guys. Vedette Shapewear contacted me to be a part of their “I’ve got nothing to hide” campaign where I get to embrace my own style while feeling confident, happy and beautiful.  I’m super flattered and excited to work on this project as it is my first major project I get to work on since I started my blog. You will see posts regarding this campaign coming up in the next couple weeks and also a great giveaway so keep your eyes out for it lovelies.

Sweater: Thrifted/ Poncho: F21/Jeans: Victoria Secret/ Wedges: Aldo/ Accessories: F21/ Headband: ebay


  1. wow, u are nice!


    My Free Choice

  2. Everything about this is fabulous! Great style :)

    xo Jennifer

  3. in love with your headband
    cuty pie <3

  4. oh I love this necklace and your shoes are so amazing!!!!!!

    Dionysia - I am a fashionista

  5. Wow I LOVE your necklace, I've been looking for one just like this for ages!

    -LAURA xx

  6. I absolutely love this outfit! Found your blog via Andrea's (Blonde Bedhead) and I'm so glad. Congrats on the new partnership.


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