Friday, February 10, 2012

Disco Stars

I got to squeeze in a quick outfit shoot while I was in Vegas; it’s hard to really walk in heels when you have been drinking beer all day LOL shhhh! But I still had my Zara gift card I got for Christmas and I really wanted to buy some cute new pieces to take with me on my trip. So I found this gorgeous star print tunic, I’m kind of upset that I don’t have no back shots of the dress as it had a pretty gold zipper at the back. No worries, you will be defiantly be seeing this dress again, very soon: D

I hope you dolls have a wonderful weekend

Happy Friday!

Dress: Zara/Shoes: Boutique in Vegas (Paradiso)/Accessories: The loft & Ardene


  1. You look so pretty! The shoes are gorgeous!

  2. amazing outfit!!!!! beautiful shoes!!!

  3. How cute are you, my dear?? Those shoes are too fun!! I love these photos. Were you in Vegas for MAGIC? If so, I'm very jelly. Actually, I'm jelly that you were in Vegas, period! Haha. It's been a while since I've been there.. but hopefully I can make my way down soon. Happy Friday, lovely!



Thank you for the lovely comments, they truly make my day ♥ :)