Monday, April 09, 2012

Dare 2B different...Dare 2B you

“A true GLAMAZON is a strong, confident woman who dares to be different, and embraces the challenge of taking risks with her every day fashion choices.” Naanfya {Garde Del Avante}

On Saturday I was invited to the Garde Del Avante "Dare 2B Different... Dare 2B You" jewelry party by Naanafya celebrating the latest artwork from Gard√© Del Avante's Indigene Haute Couture, Sauvage Signature, GDA Trend and GDA Classic Collections. I was so please to meet Naanafya as she was super sweet and her style was super phenomenal as you can tell by all her amazing haute couture jewelry. This collection takes elements from different traditions and cultures within Africa, but from an evolutionary/ futuristic perspective, which transcends from a very unique point of view, challenging the wearer to “dare to be different…”

I would have to say my favourite pieces are the Monroe Necklace from the Indigene Haute Couture Collection (first photo), the Glamazon Necklace from the Indigene Haute Couture Collection (second photo) and I can’t forget these funky skull bracelets all I can say is these pieces are Fierce to the Capital F.

These pieces speak for its self, and I’m proud to have one of the GDA bracelets with little diamond details. Soon my jewelry collection will be firece with more pieces from Garde Del Avante, as it’s super fun & unique.

Look who is rocking the Allure Necklace from Garde Del Avante: Kourtney Kardashian who also is one of my fave fashionistas.

If you want to buy Garde Del Avante Pieces check out:
"like" Garde Del Avante Fan Page

Garde Del Avante will be having an upcoming runway show at this year’s Toronto Arts & Fashion Week on April 27th. So if you’re in Toronto, you don’t want to miss out on these beautiful pieces.

Happy Monday Glamazons



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