Thursday, May 03, 2012

Make me Giggle

This little guy wanted to film with me, and now look he is a star haha!

(Top: gigglers tee / Cardigan: Smart Set/Skirt: Asos/Watch: Michael Kors/ Bag: Michael Kors/ Necklace: F21/Phone case: Society 6)

I was asked to team up with HelloGiggles to create fashion videos showcasing my personal style in motion and I’m calling it the “Styling Actions” & I’m so excited to be apart of the HelloGiggles team, its such an honor and I'm glad I get to work with such an awesome team.

My video is now up on HelloGiggles, so make sure you check it out it’s called “Make me Giggle”, but I will leave you here with a couple of photos of my look from the video. I was a bit shy at first, being infront of the camera and everything but the more I got into it the more fun I had, now I think I found another new hobby!  :)

 You can look forward to seeing more of my fashion videos every other Tuesday on HelloGiggles. So stay tuned!

PS. The last photo I wanted to show you the new home for my iphone :) I must say Society 6 has the best cases ever, I couldnt help myself and order a couple more, so now I got a couple of cool homes for my little baby haha!



  1. Hi! You super!!! Like your t-shirt!!!! Very nice photos!!!!
    Angela Donava

  2. Love the look! And that skirt super cute! I'm also diggin all of the accessories :)

  3. I like the look, specially the opposites- the tee with the dressy clothes

  4. Your so sweet- thank you :) my grandmother used to tell me to try modeling when I was a kid, but I was soo shy (still am a bit) I am however completely flattered by your compliment!

    I like the way your outfit and phone match, it's a great case, I want it! ;)

    x X


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