Thursday, September 20, 2012


If you haven't already seen this, check out Anna Dello Russo music video she created to celebrate the launch of her upcoming accessories collection for H&M.The new release features a full-length version of her own track, Fashion Shower, which she first previewed in May last year.

I just can't stop watching this video,I'm itching in boots excited for Anna's over-the-top, fabulously excessive accessories.I've always been so obsessed with her creative style and this is our chance to get a little ADR style in our closet.

The whole collection at H&M aims to recreate what it's like to travel to Fashion Weeks around the world and the fantasy that goes along with it. Now, for someone who is dying to go to Fashion week all over the world this line is perfect for when that day comes. 

who's excited for Anna Dello Russo collaboration with H&M?

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  1. Nice video! :)

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