Monday, November 26, 2012


1. Supplies: Mode Podge, Glitter (2 different sizes), glitter glue, sponge brushes, scissors, duck tape
2. Find a pair of ankle boots which are ready to be glittered.
3. Mask off areas carefully
4. Mix both glitter sizes with glitter glue and mix with a brush
5.Paint thin first coat, then over a box pour glitter over glued area on boots. Wait several minutes then pat down glitter with fingertips.
6.Repeat with second boot
7. Then let dry overnight.
8.The next day, seal the glitter with Modpodge. You can paint on alone or mix in some glitter for an extra sparkle.(seaking the glitter also helps from getting glitter everywhere when you walk)
9. Voila! your done. Modpodge takes approz 24 hrs to dry. Once completly dry remove the tape. Now you have cute glitter booties.Neaten up the edges by scratching off dried glitter and glue that's in the wrong place.

 I've been obsessed with these glitter booties ever since I seen the Giuseppe Zanotti booties but I just wasnt able to afford them. Then Topshop had similar glitter booties but were sold out quickly. So I had to find another option I was searching for some tutorials online but most of the tutorials I found where glittering parts of your boots. So I decieded to create m own DIY showing how to glitter the entire boot. 

I was so happy with the results, they came out better then I expected, I also added cute little tassels to the zippers for a special touch, now I cant wait to rock these bad boys around town. You have endless options of cute looks; you can style them with jeans rolled up at the hem, or some black leggings with a tunic or jumper-dress for a bit of casual glam.

PS. sealing the glitter is really important becuase you dont want a trail of glitter everywhere, I added some shoe protectant spray after the boots where completly dried. So now if Im wearing my booties in the rain or snow it will be double protected.

What do you think?


  1. These are very cute, Cymone! This looks like a great DIY project. And look at how much money you were able to save!

  2. That is an amazing DIY!!! Loving it - you're so creative!

  3. Beautiful pictures!
    Boots are perfect!
    You have very interesting and inspiring blog.
    I love it!
    Do you wanna follow each other? I think it will be great idea!

  4. Love this waaay too much!!!


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