Wednesday, November 21, 2012


It's been way to long and I missed you guys so much. So I wanted to start off this Wednesday with what’s next, what’s new, and what’s hot! Since we are always looking for fresh new trends and designers I'm delighted to introduce you to a dynamic Philadelphia native and fashion designer Michael Thomas.

 Michael embodies the winning recipe, a clothing line that brings not only confidence to women but also character; the mentorship of one the fashion industry’s greatest designers, Oscar De la Renta, and the brilliantness to design concepts that are breathtaking; it's Michael's time to shine. Michael is on the fast track to becoming fashions next soaring designer thanks to both his unquestionable talents in design and construction and his sparkling personality. Michael recently unveiled his Fall 2012 collection at the FBH Philadelphia Fashion Week sponsored by the Philadelphia Collection, which was the topic of many great conversations thereafter.
Michael is one of the most sought after woman’s wear designers locally and is hoping to secure the nomination for 2012 Raw Artist Talent award in Fashion. Celebrities such as Marcella Araica, Grammy Award-winning music producer, and Kendra G, radio personality, have both had a “Faithful” experience. Michael Thomas can currently be found in his den refining his craft and preparing to share with the world his highly anticipated Spring 2013 Collection.      
 Michael's new fall collection Faithful blew my mind, the pieces were exquisite.

you can check out more from Michael's collection at

Ps. If your in Philadelphia check out the fashion networking event by fashionSTYLE magazine TONIGHT!

 Models, Stylist, MUA,Designers and Photographers. Have you asked yourself, "How can I be a part of the Major Fashion Events?" Here's your chance to meet the casting agents and managers of the Industries top fashion show producers. All at the Bleu Martini, 24 South 2nd Street Philadelphia, PA @ 7:00 pm Bring your look books, tear sheets and business cards. This is an investment in your career. Admission is $20. You must be 21 years of age. For more information on tickets click here.

Get ready to mingle & have some fun!



  1. I am loving the second dress.. pixel prints have been spotted in quite a few places lately. Have a wonderful day and happy blogging!

    XX Hilary


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