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 In 2012, vintage lingerie boutiques saw a revial of interest in period undergarment styles and bedroom couture. Vintage nightwear made a definite come back. Some named ITV series Downtown Abbey as the catalyst; luxury British lingerie brang Lucile cited a 48% increase in sales since the popluar TV series hit our screens.

Department stores and high street brands have also cottoned onto the vintage undies fad by producing their own collection of silk nightwear and lacy bodices
So what is the appeal of vintage underwear in the modern world?

Lady Duff Gordon, who established the Lucile brand in 1890, said that her sumptuous lingerie and night gowns are intended to be a celebration of female intimacy. In her own words, they allow ‘a glimpse into a woman’s soul.’ From its origins, the brand prided itself on challenging the way women feel about themselves. By creating garments that captured the essence of femininity, seduction and sensuality, Lady Duff Gordon believed that women who wore her underwear would feel empowered.

The lingerie brand, which was famous in the 1920's, has been redesigned with a modern twist

Lady Duff Gordon’s designs were certainly controversial at the time and sometimes considered scandalous, but she soon collected a following of the rich, the famous and the royal, who promoted her designs and passion for femininity, and some of her designs have even been on show at the V&A museum.

Another vintage lingerie aficionado is Catriona MacKechnie, a ‘Scottish born lace-enthusiast’ who owns a lingerie boutique in Manhattan. She explains that her luxury underwear is “supposed to make you feel beautiful, even if no one knows you’re wearing it.”
Beyond the elegant designs and seductive laces, the luxurious fabrics that boutique lingerie designers use ensure supreme comfort, which is an undeniable advantage of investment in silk lingerie. According to research last year from the University of Bologna in Italy, wearing silk may also have many health benefits, which include healing qualities, anti-ageing, an easing of the symptoms of menopause and relieving skin conditions.
what's your thoughts on wearing silk and silk lingerie?  
Photos: Daily Mail

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