Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Her dress is white, her lips are red and the warm wind is walking through her hair while she is looking at her groom with love. It is all happening in that special cable car where they met. The San Francisco wedding photographer is capturing every touch, smile and hug the bride and the groom exchanges. It all could happen in a limo in Las Vegas or in a Subway in New York and it would look stunning, but it is all happening here because the story started here and that’s what the love birds want. 
The wedding photos are always special and we tend to give them specific importance. There are always reasons to do so. One cool thing you could do when you’ll get old, would definitely be looking back at those times when you were young, crazy in love and not caring about what tomorrow could bring and in the magic wedding pictures people surely look so.
That serious portrait where the bride should force herself to smile but not too much and the groom should look as responsible as  he can will someday hang on the wall in the couple’s  living room. The group picture with the bridesmaids trying to seduce the groom, will someday be posted on all of their Facebook walls. It’s kind a phenomenon what is happening with the wedding pictures. Those pictures travel through peoples' lives and networks and mail and somehow influence people in being melancholic and happy while looking at them. The wedding photographs are to all intents and purposes, moments. Moments that are captured. Isn’t this pure magic?  People three hundred years ago could not do this. We are truly privileged to get to watch our weddings any time we want  and do different cool stuff like visual effects when the groom is on the bride’s palm looking tiny and there is something beautiful and romantic on the background or something more inspirational. 
Every wedding is unique, either it is some eastern European crazy and drunk celebration of it or it is some pure romantic and traditional dinner in Wales and it requests specific accent in order to give a toast, there would be something common between these two. Both of them, in the end would bring something special and warm like the memories expressed in photos. The wedding photos should always bring the best emotions like happiness and a tipsy melancholy to people who attended the event. 
You are young, happy, in love and maybe sometimes crazy when you get married. That’s when you are perfect, you are your best self there could ever be and you have to remember this always and forever. 
 So whenever a couple decides to get together in front of the family, friends and  all the people who matter for them, it is important afterwards to get that feeling over and over again. This is possible only when the wedding becomes everlasting, on the beautiful pictures that will always commemorate the celebration of love.
-Catherine M.
-Catherine M.

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