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If your New Year’s resolution is to take better care of your skin, you’re probably doing a bit of research into how you can do this. Of course, the same applies even if it is just a general goal of yours, as you don’t want to age more rapidly than is really necessary! Either way, we thought we would help you out by providing a blog post on five easy ways to take care of your skin. Once you read it you will be able to make some changes into your daily routine, and think a little bit more about situations where you could potentially be damaging your skin.

Here are our top recommendations for what you can do:

Drink more water

Water is excellent for you, both inside and out. Hydration is essential during the summer and the winter; in summer because of the strength of the sun, and in winter because of the powerful central heating. Water will help prevent your skin from drying out in changeable conditions, and it will also have other benefits for your body such as keeping your brain active and warding off infections. So perhaps you could try swapping one of your morning cups of coffee for a simple glass of H2O.


Once you have got into a regular routine with your water intake, you can see how your skin reacts. You will probably need to use moisturising products for your face, hands and legs, but hopefully you will not need to use as much as you would otherwise. If you have very dry skin, you can use the technique of applying cream liberally before covering up with old clothes, socks and gloves - this will stop the moisturiser being absorbed too quickly which can leave you reaching for the tube much too frequently.

Avoid harsh chemicals

Of course it is also important to think about what you are actually putting on your skin as this can make a massive difference. Parabens free products are getting more popular as people realise that some ingredients are potentially harmful to health; in this case there is a link between certain cosmetics and tumours found in the breasts. Have a look in health food shops for a range of products made without this ingredient.

Wear gloves when needed

When you are doing jobs in the house and garden, your hands can take the brunt of the irritation that can occur from them. This is especially true if you are using items that say they can be an irritant, such as laundry powder and shower cleaner spray. It is a very good idea to use gloves where possible, most people will be fine wearing something latex free, and then washing your hands thoroughly after use.

Seek sun protection

Whether it is the summer or winter, you will still need to be mindful about the sun’s rays. If you are sitting in the sun for any amount of time you should make sure to use a product with UV protection, especially if you have a pale complexion. It is also possible to get sunburn in the winter if you spend lots of time around snow (think skiing and snowboarding) so get the factor 50 out before you start your day.

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