Friday, January 10, 2014

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 Morning coffee, always needed!

My favourite ornaments
 My cousins grandma, shes one of the sweetest women I know and I just love the reaction I captured.

Happy New Years to all my lovely readers!
The start of 2014 has been great so far, minus the really cold weather which is below -40 degrees temps. Just a little too cold to go outside and take pictures with my pretty new camera, so I'm waiting for the temperatures to increase a little bit so I can finally go outside and not have icicles hanging down my nose.
In the meantime, here are some pictures  I want to share from Christmas and New Years. Also, please bare with me, I'm still learning how to use my Canon 6D as I previously used a Nikon D5000 for the last 6 years so this is a big jump for me but in due time I will have it mastered, I hope.

PS. The Winner for my New Years Giveaway with Dresslilly is Joana Santos! Congratulations, you will receive an email shortly. :D

Stay Toasty!


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