Thursday, May 29, 2014

Friday, May 16, 2014


 I teamed up with Credit card insider for a fun little campaign to showcase "What's In Your Purse"?
It's a daily nesscesity for us women to carry a purse everywhwere we go to hold all our essential items we may need. For me I have my top 5 items that I have in my bag on a daily basis and can't leave home without Then when it comes to the weekend I would have more essentials but I will make another post on those items.

Here are the items I keep in my bag on a daily basis and is absolute must:

1. Wallet. I would say this is the most imporant as I need my money and my id.
2. Notebook. INDIGO.I always get inspired when im on the go so having a notebook to jot down any ideas is essential.
3. Keys. It would be silly to not have these. LOL.
4. Sunglasses.
5. Phone. how else will I be able to use instagram?
6.Lipgloss. (not shown) but its a must.

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