Thursday, June 12, 2014


I wish things could just start to look up; it’s been a frustrating couple of months having to deal with this allergy bug that just won’t go away and at times I feel more stuffed then a burrito. Going through this for the last couple months has been affecting me mentally and physically. I find it hard to focus sometimes or to breathe. I’m hoping with all the vitamins I’m taking, it will help me get better sooner than later. Then I promise my post will be more up to date, as I do have a few new posts I would love to share.
 I also want to say thank you to my lovely readers for bearing with me these last few months and for the kind words I received. You guys really lift my spirit and make me feel so blessed.
With that being said here is a little sneak peak of tomorrows post. I also have something else fun to show you tomorrow as well. :)

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