Tuesday, January 27, 2015


All Items from Modani can be found HERE (except for the wall art which can be found HERE)

I was inspired by Modani to bring you how my fashion style reflects in my living room. Pulling from over 50 years of modern design, including concepts by young artists, Modani Furniture brings the trendiest items to homes in celebrity-style but with affordable, modern designs such as Minimalist, Baroque, Zen, contemporary and more. They have a wide selection of modern sofas for any modern space
 For fashion bloggers accessories can make or break an outfit just like they can in your home. I went with a black and white theme with a splash of color; it’s so simple, clean and sleek. I would say my style is simple yet fun. I like to add fun pieces to my outfit such as a statement necklace with a bold color or even wearing bold lipstick can really make your outfit stand out and I think that’s where the neon yellow comes in, it really is a statement that brings the whole living room together. Just a little bit of color can really liven up things. I like to keep things interesting when it comes to the living room, as it’s where I tend to spend a lot of time whether you’re curled up on the couch reading a book or watching TV, I always want a space that when I look around there is always something exciting to look at such as a cool sculpture, or wall art. Even when it comes to storage ideas, I love how simple vintage suitcases can be a fun and neat way to store your daily items.
 Simple yet unique room décor added to any room is like adding jewelry to your outfit, nothing is complete without a little detail.

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