Monday, February 02, 2015


This is a little late, but its better late than never. I wanted to review these eyelash extensions I got from Eyelash Canada. It was my first time trying out eyelash extensions and I was very pleased with the results. I have very short lashes and sometimes for me wearing falsies they either come off or one side is sticking up and I don't have my glue to fix it, it just becomes a mess. So having these eyelash extensions I'm able to sleep, shower, workout, just do anything in them which made my morning routines a lot easier. It's like having a “I woke up like this" moment. haha I just had to throw on a little make-up and I was ready to go. Let's just say it’s like having permanent eyelashes for a couple of weeks.

The only down side to having these lashes for me personally was that I found them a bit itchy. I'm not use to having lashes on all the time nor do I where falsies everyday just on special occasions. It takes some time to get use to them but for me I kept rubbing my eyes at times and with rubbing my eyes I would rub of a few of the lashes so within 2 weeks my lashes didn't look as full again. Maybe if I tried Mink lashes or human lashes they would feel more comfortable then synthetic for sure but that was my only down side to having the eyelash extensions.

Otherwise, eyelash extensions are amazing and perfect for any occasion whether you want to wear them for a date, to a wedding, to prom or just for everyday wear the options are endless.

Have you tried eyelash extensions? And what do you think of them?

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