Monday, July 20, 2015


Trying to find shoes that look good and are also comfortable can be a challenge.
But it’s not impossible. In fact, there’s a wide selection of shoes out there that both look good and feel great on your feet, you just need to know where to look.

 With this in mind, below are our 10 shoe styles that are comfy, yet classy.

 You won’t look back!

1. Birkenstocks

As we’re in the middle of the summer months, a lot of the nation are searching for shoes that keep the feet cool, are easy to walk in and also look great. Well, Birkenstocks certainly tick all of these boxes.

You’ll never be short of choice when it comes to picking your Birkenstock shoes. So opt for the sandal versions and enjoy a summer of relaxing walks backed by your comfortable and stylish shoes.

2. Converse

A classic that never seems to go out of style is the Converse trainer. Whether you’re interested in high tops or low tops- you can be sure you’ll always find a way to be stylish with this shoe.

 Wear them with a skirt for that grungy, rock chick look. Or perhaps go for a wild colour like turquoise or glitter to make a comfy statement with your feet. Converse has taken its trainers so far that there’s now a pair out there that will suit almost everyone’s taste.

3. Ankle Boots

If you like a bit of a heel on your shoe, then a low heeled ankle boot may be perfect for you. The smaller heel ensures they aren’t as strenuous on the foot, meaning you can strut around for a lot longer than you can in regular heels.

They are also a great choice when the weather turns colder as they help keep your feet warmer (but make sure to wear them with caution during icy weather, you don’t want to fall and hurt yourself!)

4. Aerosoles

If you’re after a flat shoe that will project style time and time again, then Aerosoles casual collection will fit in perfectly with your stylish yet comfortable shoe design idea.

Whether you’re after a snazzy zebra print or would just like a pair of stylish brown ones to speak for themselves - Aerosoles will have you covered.

And they also do great sandals too if you’d prefer a stylish, open toe look with maximum comfort at their heart. 

5. Ballet Flats

Sticking with the flat theme, one of the most basic yet stylish shoes out there for comfort have to be the ballet flat.

These shoes are normally inexpensive to purchase, and they look great with skirts, jeans, leggings and dresses.

What we really like about ballet flats is how creative the high street gets with them. A quick look around any store will offer you an array of colours and textures perfect for any kind of outfit you have.

6. Vans

Another classically alternative shoe is brought to us by the Vans brand. What’s great about this shoe company is that they’ve managed to bridge the gap and are now a shoe enjoyed by all.

Along with this has come an array of quirky designs from Disney Princesses through to Hello Kitty shoes. You can opt for laces, or forgo them and go with a slip on decorated with an incredible style. They also offer basic colours too to ensure you can match them with as many outfits as you’d like.

 If you want a comfortable trainer without having to go for a sports brand, then Vans could be the ideal choice for you.

7. Flatforms

If you would like a little extra height, as well as a shoe that will make a statement, then flatform shoes could be the ideal stylish choice for your wardrobe.

What’s great about this shoe is that despite it’s unique thick sole that adds an extra layer of height, it’s still incredibly comfortable. And if you’re small and would enjoy a bit of height in your shoe without needing to slip on heels, then flatforms are the solution you’ve been looking for.

8. High Tops

If you’re after trainers that have style, and want something other than Converse or Vans, then you should consider high top trainers.

Whether they’re from Nike, Adidas, or another brand altogether, high top trainers traditionally cover the ankle as well as the foot, and quite often are decked out in exciting colours.

However, if you'd rather a more neutral black or white high top, they’re available too. But some even go as far to incorporate wings - so we recommend you get as creative as possible when it comes to your high top choice to really make an impressive statement.

9. Cowboy boots

Cowboy boots may not be the first shoe that springs to mind when you think of comfort, but it does seem to be a shoe staple that refuses to ever go out of style.

 Whether you go for the full length cowboy boot, or opt for an ankle version, classic browns and blacks quite easily come alight with delicate stitching of colourful patterns.

 You don’t need to live in Nashville to sport this style, because these days cowboy boots have been adapted to suit the tastes of the UK too. You’ll be surprised just how comfortable and supportive these boots are.

10. Irregular choice

We flick back to an actual brand for the final entry on our list, and this is the exciting Irregular Choice. You’ll find their shoes are available online and in stores such as Schuh, and they really are an exciting shoe brand that will add one of a kind style and comfort to any outfit.

With shoes decorated with pandas, unicorns and more colours than you’ll find in the average painting, Irregular Choice really do know how to bring style to life.

On top of this, their collection of flat shoes and sandals are perfect for comfort - and they’re even styling shoes for men now too.

You will struggle to decide which one to go for if you ever explore the full extent of the Irregular Choice brand.


This blog was written by Amy Leach on behalf of Foot Art