Wednesday, January 27, 2016


If you’re a party girl and want to dance the night away I got something for you that will get everyone's head turning. When it comes to finding a perfect dress to wear to any party it can be very daunting as for me I never have anything to wear if I have to go out.  I like flashy dresses for a party but not to flashy where I’m literally flashing people or just blinding people at the party. I feel like there is some strategic planning when it comes to a night out look and it all depends where you plan on going and what type of party it’s going to be so you can base what you can wear as you don’t want to be too extravagant . It’s very important to integrate trends, but opt for more simple understated colors. Your best bet is to go for a simple-colored dress with minimal texturing. Remember most party dresses are short in length and long dresses are mostly worn for formal affairs.
I teamed up with Jecicadress to show you guys some incredible party dress options that will just make you’re planning that much more easier. Just have fun when your choosing your dress as if you have the confidence you will know you can rock any dress. Don't be safe and opt for the simple-yet-blah black shift dress; incorporate some bold colors or patterns to stand out in the crowd. You don't want to give the impression you're boring, do you? Show your personality. No matter what, your personality will shine through whatever you're wearing. Pick the dress you feel oozes who you are as a person, and rock it!
I think it's really important to feel good and also comfortable in a party look.
Here are my top 4 tips for hunting down that perfect party dress  to wear for any occasion.

1. A little black dress may be basic, but it's definitely not boring. Kept simple or paired with over-the-top accessories is a total fashion it girl style secret.
2.  Adding extra shimmer or sequins to your look is a must, whether it's jewelry, shoes, or a shiny bag it really adds that extra glam to your look.
3. Sometimes a dress comes along that was just made for you; hold onto it. A standout dress that leaves you feeling extra fabulous is the secret weapon to a successful night.
 4. A pair of pointy-toed black heels really does look good with everything and you can’t go wrong with a black heel.


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