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I teamed up with UncommonGoods to create a gift guide to help guide you into finding that special item you can give to someone you love. Whether it’s your mom, best friend, sister, co-worker or even for yourself, there are a few items on this list they will just adore. UncommonGoods is a store where there is a story behind every product, they work with artists who craft most of the items by hand and it’s just simply amazing that you can get one of kind pieces at a great price .

 Surprise that special person with something they didn’t even know they needed with something they can’t live without. There are classic items that are perfect for everyday use as there is something for everyone.

Here are all the items listed above:
1. My Heart Bracelet. Carry your heart on your sleeve with this bracelet, lovingly inscribed with a Jane Austen quote.

2. Mini Gold Dipped Lace Heart Earrings. Make a romantic statement with these handmade earrings, made from antique lace dipped in gold.

3. Shadow Heart Necklace. This lovely necklace embodies the sentiment that thought love is not always seen, it is always present.

4. Personalized Handwriting Necklace “LOVE” . Capture their essence in beautiful sterling silver with a handmade necklace that starts with a simple photo of the handwriting you'd like to celebrate. 

5. Aquamarine Branch Ring. This is an enchanted ring. Its sterling silver band is cast by jewelry artist Nancy Nelson from a handcrafted mold made from green twig found in the ancient woods of West Virginia.

6. Love Birch Cuff. You can almost hear the rustling of leaves on a summer day as you don this nature-inspired cuff. Jewelry artist Nancy Nelson hand casts the brass band from real birch bark that she collected along the southern shore of Lake Superior in Wisconsin. The detailed texture of the bark evokes the rich, spontaneous stroke of an artist's brush. The understated heart cut-out pairs beautifully with the birch tree's traditional symbolism of protection and resilience.

7. Black and Grey Ombre Tote. This faux leather tote is crafted with a simple silhouette and a unique ombre palette.

8. Crimson Heart Umbrella. Stand out in a crowd of black trench coats and add a little love to a rain shower with this delightful umbrella. Featuring a bright red canopy and charming heart silhouette, this ergonomic design offers a strong yet lightweight 16 spoke fiberglass frame, which is totally wind-proof. It's the perfect companion for puddle jumping and downpour dancing with your Valentine or anytime.

9. Women's Strawberry Socks. Perfect for sweetening up a simple ensemble, these women's socks are anything but garden variety

10. Pineapple Tumbler. Welcome guests to your table with these pineapple tumblers--traditional symbols of hospitality and warm welcome. Made of lightweight aluminum with a bright brass finish, they're unique serving pieces for well-crafted cocktails or refreshing frozen desserts. The removable lid can also serve as a base, adding height and an escalated feel to the tumbler.

11. Wine Pearls. Rather than drag out the ice bucket whenever you'd like to enjoy a little vino, Steven Chavez and Justin English's innovative chillers allow you to enjoy wines by the glass at their ideal sipping temperatures. Simply freeze this set of four sleek, stainless steel orbs, pour a glass, then drop a few into your wine. Like ice cubes, the more "pearls" you use, the more frosty your beverage will get.

12. Gilded Branches Jewelry Tree. This beautifully gilded jewelry tree is made from natural Manzanita branches, with an alabaster base. You can check out more like these great items

13. Heart in Hand. Carved by hand from stoneware, this sculpture represents the willingness to give and receive love, as well as the need to protect it. Lovingly made by hand, each piece bears one-of-a-kind details, much like the loved ones in our own lives. The intricate folds and lines in the hand and fingers are added after the clay is firm to give the hand a distinctive and realistic feel. Since each sculpture is individually carved, no two pieces are alike.

14. You Are Beautiful Cursive Wood. Inspired by a public art movement, artist Matthew Hoffman created this beautiful reminder. What began as a series of stickers affixed to unexpected public places became laser cut wall art that brings confidence and beauty to your own home. Highlighted by a charred finish and cursive silhouette, this three-dimensional wall art serves as a sweet compliment in your bedroom, powder room, or wherever you might need a simple confidence boost.

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