Wednesday, August 16, 2017


I'm back! I know I keep disappearing but with good reason. I really needed to take a break away from social media all together. I've been dealing with a lot in this past year and a half within my life and its been really hard to stay motivated and inspired. I really felt like I lost a bit of myself and thats when I decided I had to just take a step back and re-evaluate what I needed to do within my life . Everything is always a process and takes time and I'm still trying to push myself to become the better version of myself and I take it day by day. I just have to remain positive and hopeful.

but I wanted to share these photos I took with one of my best friends Sandra . I'm just in love with the way she takes my photos, they always turn out so amazing. we went to Guild wood Park which is such a beautiful park it had a venetian theme, I loved it, made me feel inspired that I need to go back.

This look I went for a more trendy causal look, with my black bomber jacket, shiny black leggings and sneakers then I added my cool sequins t-shirt dress to give it a more edgier vibe. I call this my 'cool girl vibe'!